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The épée (pronounced "EPP-pay"), the descendant of the dueling sword, is similar in length to the foil, but is heavier, weighing approximately 27 ounces, with a larger guard (to protect the hand from a valid hit) and a much stiffer blade. Touches are scored only with the point of the blade. The entire body is the valid target area. The blade is wired with a spring-loaded tip at the end that completes an electrical circuit when it is depressed beyond a pressure of 750 grams. This causes the colored bulb on the scoring machine to light. Because the entire body is a valid target area, the épée fencer's uniform does not include a lamé. Off-target hits do not register on the machine.
Epee Mask  Escrime Masques

Epee Mask Escrime Masques for Fencing Sport

Mask, including a bib which protects the neck. The mask can usually support 12 kilograms (26 lb) on the metal mesh and 350 newtons (79 lbf) of penetration resistance on the bib.

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Epee Electric Weapon For Fencing

Epee Electric Weapon For Fencing Sports

Epee is a thrusting weapon like the foil, but much heavier. In épée, the entire body is valid target.

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Sabre Electric Weapon For Fencing

Sabre Electric Weapon For Fencing Sports

We are making sabre weapon Ffncing equipment , there are prodcuts such as Sabre Electric Weanpon,Sabre Practcie Weapon, Blade and Bare Blade. If Yyu want more products information, welcome tO contact ...

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HEMA Mask with Red Bib

HEMA Mask with Red Bib

HEMA in Black with more color bib for options.  Hi, Lokk here.

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Epee Weapon For sale

Epee Weapon For sale

Modern fencing is a sport of passion and daring, strategy and action.

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