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Coach Mask for Fencing Sport

  • Brand: GUANDA
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Fencing Mask Quick Details:


Fencing Equipment: Sabre, Foil, Sabre


NO.1  EF154  Coach Leather Jacket Long Sleeve

NO.2  EF155  Coach Leather Jacket Short Sleeve

NO.3  EF156  Coach Leather Vest

BO.4  EF157  Coach Canvas Jacket

NO.5  EF158  Coach Canvas Vest

NO.6  EF159  Coach Glove

NO.7  EF160  Coach Mask

NO.8  EF161  Coach Mask Leather Cover

NO.9  EF162  Coach Leather Epee Sleeve

NO.10 EF163  Coach Leather Leg Cover


Products more information, please do not hesitate to contact with us.


Delivery Option: Bulk order by Air or Sea; Sample order by Express Delivery or Surface Mail.

Production Period: 3-5days for sample order; 20-30days for bulk order.


Packaging Detail: Poly Bag Inside and Carton for Outside.


Company Introduction:

For fencing equipment, we have our own factory to cover the production of full range like clothing, mask, blades, weapon parts, glove, bag, etc. Our clothing and mask are CE certified with latest standard EN13567+A2007. With focus on export, our products are widely used in overseas clubs and schools. We have years of experience to brand equipments for many distributors around the world. We are well recognized by our customers due to our quality and service level. We hope to get exposed to more buyers who has difficulty in finding real, reliable and capable producer. We never let our customers down. For detailed description of our equipment and price list, please email us or call us.

We also supply
Sabre Mask Escrime Fencing Sport for sale with great discount, welcome to visit more and best wishes for you!

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